The fotos above where taken by Inti Gallardo

A text for voice, accompanied by a composition of voice-and noise-recordings and synthesizer

Elegia was read in a shortened version at Zwitschermaschine, Berlin during

Volkstata’s festival and performed in its full length at Stockwerk Projekt in Weimar. Elegia was published in the third issue of Periferi, as well as Riso-printed as a book in an edition of 50. I had the pleasure to exhibit my drawing O (wax, ink, varnish, 100x72cm) together with the freshly released book Elegia, alongside one of Marjolein Guldentops’ wall poems.

Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar (10.7.2022)
Zwischermaschine Projektraum, Berlin at Volkstata’s festival (18.8.2022)

A narrative punk-pop performance with a libretto written by me and music by the duo Fingery Eyes (Eva Karduck and Nina Kränsel). It tells about the encounter with Robyn, a photograph by artist and part-time gender terrorist Del LaGrace Volcano from their series Cold-Store Romance (1988). Inspired by queer theory, '80s feminist punk music, ornithology, and the ambient electronic music of Jorge Reyes, Weather Together sonically traces encounters and entanglements of human and non-human protagonists in a co-inhabited world.

Weather Together was kindly supported by Neustart Kultur and GEMA- Sonderförderprogramm.

A short radio play by Fingery Eyes

This is the story of a Future Date, a date with the future. In a cloud forest in southwestern Mexico, we meet Oropéndola, a lady bird from the Montezuma family. She does not build a nest, but weaves a pouch with which to take off as a silver spaceship and court the future. On her journey, Oropéndola encounters Hummingbird, who, like the war god Huitzilopochtli from Aztec mythology, beheads his sister, the moon goddess Coyolxauhqui. In Gloria Anzaldúa's Light in the dark/Luz en lo oscuro (2015), Coyolxauhqui's fragmented body becomes a symbol for the necessity of falling apart and letting go - we say of certain images of the body and the world - so that something new can emerge.

Places Babes are five poems which are inspired by video meetings with the artists Malin Arnell, Mar Fjell, Jon/Ming Aagard Gao, Indra Linderoth, Charlotta Öberg, and Del LaGrace Volcano. We employed various writing and vocal techniques to make the virtual meetings more tangible. In doing so, I asked the question: How can a virtual space become a point of departure for a shared corporeal journey to places of longing, queer memory and for wanderings along resistant body parts and openings?

These poems were performed alongside Nina Kränsel (bass) and Marlen Pelny (guitar) at Montagehalle, Braunschweig, July 2021.