Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar (10.7.2022)
Zwischermaschine Projektraum, Berlin at Volkstata’s festival (18.8.2022)

A narrative punk-pop performance with a libretto written by me and music by the duo Fingery Eyes (Eva Karduck and Nina Kränsel). It tells about the encounter with Robyn, a photograph by artist and part-time gender terrorist Del LaGrace Volcano from their series Cold-Store Romance (1988). Inspired by queer theory, '80s feminist punk music, ornithology, and the ambient electronic music of Jorge Reyes, Weather Together sonically traces encounters and entanglements of human and non-human protagonists in a co-inhabited world.

Weather Together was kindly supported by Neustart Kultur and GEMA- Sonderförderprogramm.